Event Production

Our team has extensive experience in event production and we have the resources you need in order to bring your event online.

Event Production Experts

Due to COVID-19,  we are unable to share those invaluable physical interactions used to celebrate a milestone, boost your team’s morale, deliver a presentation, or launch a product. Fortunately, there are solutions to most of the problems you are facing and we know how to apply them to your specific requirement.

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Concerts | Tradeshows | Conferences | Sports | Keynotes | Gaming

  • Live Stream Broadcast
  • Content Capture
  • Video Editing
  • Virtual Reality Environments
  • Virtual Booth Design
  • Simulcast Content Distribution
  • Chat Management
  • Hybrid Event Design
  • Cross-Platform Event Access
  • Gigabit Network Connections
  • 24’x24′ Modular Stage
  • Dedicated Green Rooms
  • Production Suites
  • Single & Three Phase Power Available
  • Stage Furniture Available
  • LED Video Walls


We can capture your performance in our incredibly large studio with 30’ ceilings allowing us to keep the air moving. Performances can be live-streamed out to any number of platforms including 3D Metaverses.


From vendor management to ticketing, we are able to deliver a virtual trade show experience that will go beyond your expectations leaving your vendors and attendees wondering why they used to fly around the world.

Team Building

Remote team building has been happening since the launch of XBOX Live and there are digital gaming experiences for groups of all ages, skill levels, and platforms.


Our team can elevate your digital content delivery by getting you out of the zoom call and onto the stage. Professional lighting and audio equipment will help you address your employees and clients in the professional format that is expected.


Corporate team building events through eSports tournaments. Rocket League, FIFA, and other leading titles can be facilitated by our team to enable your colleagues to enjoy a fun and exciting competitive experience!


  • Panasonic PTZ Robo Cameras
  • Pedestal Tripods (for Robo Cams)
  • Blackmagic Video Recorders
  • Dedicated Streaming Workstation
  • Dedicated Playback & Video Integration
  • Optional LED Wall Package
  • Switcher Fly-Pack


  • Shure ULD Mic Kits
  • Yamaha QL1 Digital Console
  • Wireless Clearcomm System
  • L’Acoustic Audio System
  • Cable Package


  • MA2 Lite Lighting Console
  • Ovation E260 & F-95 Stage Wash
  • x4 Bar 20 Uplight
  • Robe 150LED Beam Zoomable Wash
  • Elation Artisti Moving Headlights


  • Gigabit Network Connections
  • 24’x24′ Stage
  • St-25 Crank Towers
  • 80′ 16″ B-Type Truss
  • 16′ 16″ B-Type Truss Tower
  • Dedicated Green Rooms
  • Production Suites
  • Single & Three Phase Power Available
  • Stage Furniture Available


  • RTMP/RTMPS Servers
  • AWS Infrastructure
  • NewTek NDI
  • Resolume Software
  • Wirecast / Open Broadcast Software
  • Mixer / Twitch / YouTube / Facebook Streaming



Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that many people are new to VR and we are happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.  We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions below but if you have any additional questions you can email us at Tukwila@virtualsports.net or call at (425) 970-1330.

Do I need a performance computer?

Nope! We offer viewing options for everyone with an internet connection.  However, we do advise a stable connection of at least 5mbs which most homes and cellphones can accommodate very easily.  For reference, the average US download speed is about 30mbs.

Do I need to have VR?

Nope! Our team provides you and your attendees with a variety of participation options including cell phone, tablet, PC, and more.

Does VR enhance the experience?

It depends! There are certain events that will see benefits from having participants and producers in Virtual Reality. When we begin planning your event we’ll work through this with you, and can help offer VR equipment delivered directly to your home or facilities. You can utilize VR equipment all while keeping a safe distance.

I'm not a techie, will I be able to successfully run a virtual event?

Absolutely! That’s what we’re here for.  We’ll help you design your event in a way that will work in these environments, and also do all the technological “heavy lifting” — allowing you to organize and market your event.

Can I charge a fee for access to my digital event?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is, you may want to explore additional monetization methods outside of ticket sales.  Fortunately, we can help with this! Our 3rd party partners can help design your ticket packages for event attendees and develop unique monetization pathways.

Is there an attendance limit?

Nope!  Our event technology is fully scalable.

My team is small, can we still produce digital events?

Absolutely!  Our team can help beyond deployment and management of the technology.  We can assist with virtual booth hosts, chat moderators, gaming tournaments, in-event moderators, live music and entertainment, or other assistance in designing social components of your event.