One might say I have two identities.  During the day I put on my dress shirts and earn a living in the corporate world.  At night, I throw on a VS infantry shirt and work to make my dream of being a business owner come true.  Twelve years in the corporate environment has shown me the pain of so many holiday parties.  Last year my company hit rock bottom; we hired a magician… An hour of ring tricks, string cutting, and the proverbial “guess my card” had my date and I getting up from the table and leaving before he turned into a hypnotist.  I was embarrassed that this was how we chose to spend $30,000 for 250 employees in appreciation of a year of hard work and success.  Is Seattle really that sparse for quality entertainment options?

In my years of working on our holiday parties, I have found that there are a few important things to make your party memorable, enjoyable and successful:

  1. A venue that allows employees to freely converse with their coworkers and guests without restriction.
  2. A passive entertainment option employees can selectively participate in.  No entertainment option can be for everyone but everyone should be able to choose how, if, and when they participate.
  3. A unique atmosphere that employees get excited to visit.

Our venue at Virtual Sports is our biggest advantage, we feel that we can provide all of these things for your next holiday party, celebration, or event.  Our lobby is a massive space that we can configure for you and accommodate up to 400 guests.  We have a very unique bar and the capabilities to bring in other special entertainment options for you, including DJs and dance floors.  We pride ourselves in our ability to be infinitely flexible for you.  We also have preferred caterers but no exclusive contracts which means you have the ability to bring in who you would like.

Our second advantage is that our entertainment option is built into our venue and is part of youIMG_0539r experience.  Our zombie apocalypse is able to push upwards of 100 people through the experience an hour.  The plus side is your patrons can choose when they want to participate because it passively runs in the background of your event.  We have had people as young as 7 and as old at 65 come through our experience and have an incredible time.  Don’t believe me?  We have a mountain of pictures with people smiling as they exit the experience.  Did I mention you can do it in high heels and it is fully ADA accessible?  I realize this all sounds like magic, but I promise we are not magicians.

Our third advantage is Virtual Sports is a new business and a new facility unlike anywhere in the world.  Born right here in Seattle, we understand who your employees are and how we can create a party that is truly memorable.  We have a very friendly staff that will help with as much or as little as you need.  We are also very affordable compared to other venues and entertainment options.  Visit our facility rental page for more information about what we have to offer.

One final thought.  I recently took my friend and her mom through the experience.  Seeing both of them smile as they exited the experience was truly something special.  Share the same joy with your employees this winter.