Sports Team Party Destination

By December 19, 2014 March 14th, 2016 News

Sports seasons can be long and grueling, and they require a commitment from family, coaches, and communities to make happen.  Seasons are not just the games we play on the weekends.  They are comprised of countless practices, camps, weekends away and long distances traveled.  We experience the thrill of winning tournaments, conferences, and championships and, of course, the understanding of defeat.  Whether it is a midseason break, or an end of season celebration, all sports teams need to take a time away from the fields and recognize where they came from, how they got there, and who made it all happen.

That’s where Virtual Sports comes in.  Add some entertainment to your next pizza party and think outside the box.  We are your destination for hosting your next team party and here is why:

Dedicated Space

Our large facility will give you plenty of space for your whole team, family, supporters and friends to attend the event.  We can set aside a private area for you and your guests or rent you the entire facility if you want the place all to yourself.  Let our lobby become your home and allow our staff to work with you to ensure all of your needs are met.

Family Entertainment:

Laser tag is back and this time it is fun for the whole family.  We have had moms, dads, and kids as young at seven on our fields and all have had a great experience.  Our games are focused on fun and teamwork and the real time scoring gives the competitiveness we know and love.  Let us know how many people you plan on having attend and we can help you decide if a group discount or a private field rental is right for you.

Dedicated Party Planner

You do enough for your teams during the season, so let our staff help assist you for your next party.  We take care of all the setup and cleanup and are more than happy to help arrange any food you need for your event.  At Virtual Sports, our corporate mantra is “stay flexible”, so let us know what you need to make your event ideal for you and we will do everything we can to meet the expectations.

So if you are looking for a way to celebrate a successful season, are in need of a midseason time out, or just looking for creative ways to build team comradery, give us a call and let us set up your next event.